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Drone Farming for Precision Agriculture

Taranis Leaf-Level Crop Data Acquisition

Scouting millions of acres at submillimeter quality

Taranis captures data from drones, planes, and satellites covering millions of acres at leaf-level resolution. 

Highly precise data allows for high quality, real-time insights that  help you engage growers with confidence and build lasting relationships.

High Resolution Imagery That Tells A Story

A picture is worth a thousand words. When we say we can read your business card from the sky, we mean it. So clear, you can distinguish different insects, weed species, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies.

Reliably generating a digital twin of your fields

Professionally and reliably conducted missions ensure timely delivery, as we factor in crop type, growth stage, weather, and inputs. Executing missions at scale is integral to delivering powerful insights.

Our professional operational team is supported by a large network of service providers and robust systems to ensure timely dispatch and quality acquisition. Our process ensure that every field is imaged at high level of quality and transformed into valuable insights quickly.


Mid Season

Late Season

The power of a scalable network

Taranis created a large professional network that ensures acquisition of insights, no matter where crops are grown. We source, train, and deploy drone professionals at the national and local level, which is how we service millions of acres, year-round.

Flying Your Fields

Taranis uses off-the-shelf enterprise-level drones. Using our custom flight app, drone pilots execute each flight based on the optimal predefined route, ensuring the whole field is serviced.

Our drones capture submillimeter and centimeter-level resolution simultaneously. This dual view capability puts leaf-level insights in context as macro view gives a broad look at what’s happening in the field.

Acquiring Satellite Data

To complement the submillimeter images, we acquire data from satellite imagery providers, including Planet and Sentinel. The imagery is gathered based on the frequency and availability offered by the provider.

Satellite images and our AI capabilities generate field health index, which identifies anomalies within the field. Fortunately, with our leaf-level insights you can digitally ground truth these anomalies with ease.

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