Ag Retail Onboarding Process - Taranis

Taranis Customer Onboarding

Quick, simple onboarding to get you up and running with Taranis

Benefit from a structured onboarding process, with guidance and support from the Taranis Customer Success  team.

Once the initial setup has been completed, you can fully manage and use the Taranis application and start engaging growers with confidence.



Getting Set Up

With the support of the Customer Success team, you can easily create user accounts and keep your user list up to date. Once all the users have been created and the relevant organizational structure has been set, users are able to upload and update their growers’ field information, including field name and its boundaries.


Enrolling Farms and Fields into Service Plans

Using the Taranis web app, users can enroll farms and fields into the system. Prior to and during each growing cycle, advisors update grower field information according to the service plan, such as crop type, planting date, planting population, and row spacing.


Training Your Team

Our Customer Success team provides extensive training to ensure you get the maximum value from your Taranis service. Training sessions are geared to your management and sales teams and include content such as business planning, pre- and post- season reviews, and product essentials.


Keeping you up-to-date throughout the season

Once the onboarding process has been completed, you’ll continue to get ongoing support from our team of experts, including product updates, scheduled status calls, and more—all designed to help you maximize your opportunities.

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