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Taranis Value Stories

Discover the transformative impact of Taranis through real-world success stories, where advanced agronomic solutions drive yield improvement, enhance crop health, and empower advisors and growers with data-driven insights for a profitable season.

Scouting More than NDVI

Ever wonder what happens when you plant soybeans in beach sand? Agronomy Consultant with Nutrien Northern Michigan, Kerrek Griffes, previously used satellite imagery (NDVI) to scout the field, but it didn't tell the whole story showing some questionable anomalies—that's where Taranis came in.


Replant Decision to Maximize Corn Yield for NCGA Contest

See how this Wisconsin grower's field enrolled in the NCGA contest was able to leverage his advisor's timely recommendation to replant part of the field, based on Taranis stand count insights.


Drone Scout and Spray

Discover how targeted drone spot spraying effectively managed isolated broadleaf weed pressure in a southwestern field section. By precisely identifying the problem area and using the right chemistry, we saved growers money and reduced product waste. Learn how our agronomist's strategic approach provided a valuable touchpoint for retailers and optimized field management.

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