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How crop intelligence can improve your farm

The service and technology that you deserve is here.

Partner with your advisors to make the right decisions, validate management practices, and apply a season-long action plan.

Weed, insect, and disease pressures are constant threats to your crops. Taranis AcreForward™ solutions deliver actionable insights to help you unlock growth. Our data is backed by a team of experts who are passionate about agriculture and work hand-in-hand with advisors to ensure sustained prosperity.


Act with confidence

Avoid guesswork and year-end surprises. Clear, actionable insights, based on leaf-level images from crop monitoring, help you and your ag advisor ensure that the right inputs are being used at the right time, in the right places.

Leaf-level insights

Get ground truth precision of every acre in every field.

Nothing is better than a good start

Stand Count

Prioritize your fields and invest properly throughout the season.

Control your fields

Weed Detection

By the acre, know your weed pressure and severity and take action.

Show them the door

Insect Damage

Understand the threat and economic thresholds, so you can take action.

Identify specific threats

Disease Detection

Know the diseases that could be threatening your crops.

Improve soil & crop health

Nutrient Deficiency

Know what is or isn't working and adjust your plans with confidence.

Keep fields healthy over time

Field Health Trends

See anomalies in the field and dive deeper.


Use resources productively

Targeted insights open the door for more targeted prescriptions and more efficient use of resources. Buy what you use and use what you buy for a more profitable and sustainable farm operation.

Improve year-round planning together with your advisor

The story of your field is always at your fingertips—past and present. With data from previous years available to you and your advisor, you can better plan the season ahead, including inputs, crop rotation, seed selection, and other interventions to secure your business.

Get healthier crops and higher yields

Earlier, more accurate intervention through the season is made possible by robust data and artificial intelligence technology. Get more out of every seed and every acre with precision insights that allow you to see which adjustments boost your bottom line.

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