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Why become a Taraner?

Making an impact for thousands of farmers and on millions of acres around the world.

At Taranis, we have created the most promising technology deployed in agriculture to date. It has been proven acre by acre around the world. We are seeking committed and driven professionals that want to help us take it to the next level. Do you have what it takes?

We are here to help advisors and growers maximize yield, increase nutritional quality, and preserve soil health to strengthen food security and ensure a prosperous future for agriculture. Our crop intelligence solutions use the most advanced AI and submillimeter image technologies to do just that. 

Check our current job openings, see where you can contribute with passion, and let’s get started.


AgTech Revolution

Be at the forefront of innovation, at the intersection of technology, agronomy, and operational excellence.

Agriculture Impact

Put your talent to good use. Contribute to making a lasting impact on the future of agriculture.

Health and Wellness

Benefit from flexible work models, wellness activities & events, and mental health support.

People and Culture

Join a unique workplace where respect, teamwork, and kindness are part of the DNA.

The Taranis Way


We listen actively and value diverse perspectives, ensuring that every voice is heard and can contribute meaningfully. Our respectful environment welcomes all backgrounds and experiences, fostering a culture where you can thrive professionally and personally.


We believe in owning our actions and their outcomes, creating a transparent atmosphere that earns and maintains trust. This accountability ensures that every team member, including you, can depend on others to meet their commitments with excellence.


Our success is built on collaboration. By joining us, you become part of a cohesive team that values joint efforts and cross-functional teamwork. We solve challenges together, leveraging diverse expertise to innovate and excel in everything we do.


Our dedication is unwavering—not just to our customers but to our people. We prioritize the needs and well-being of our team, offering flexible working arrangements and comprehensive support that help you manage your professional and personal life seamlessly.


Innovation is our engine for growth, pushing us to challenge the status quo and explore new horizons. At Taranis, you’ll work in an environment that encourages risk-taking and creative problem-solving, ensuring that your ideas always have a place to flourish.

I've been working at Taranis for over a year and I can honestly say that I love it! I'm learning everyday, I'm being challenged and I feel appreciated. The people here are amazing and my teammates have become real friends that I truly enjoy working with.

Keren Halpert, Software Developer

I really enjoy working at Taranis. I'm gearing up for what will be my 5th season here. The camaraderie and support you find at Taranis cannot be compared to. Taranis keeps the needs of agriculture at the forefront and wants everyone to be successful. I am honored I get the privilege every day to work with such an amazing team.

Amanda Slettedahl, Customer Success Manager

I love being a part of a company that I believe in its mission and that challenges me professionally every day. Taranis counts on me to solve complex problems, which lets me constantly learn and grow.

Anton Zaides, R&D Team Leader

I've expanded my horizons, every day is a new challenge, something to learn. I’m thrilled finding a solution for each problem and I can count on a real collaborative team. Taranis is growing daily, and I want to grow together!"

Fernando Fajngold, Technical Support Engineer

What excites me most about working at Taranis is working with new technologies that can change how we do agriculture in the future. I come from Peru, an agricultural country where these technologies are not yet applied, so I see an excellent opportunity to help farmers worldwide.

Haim Behar, Ag Data Analyst
Why Taraners love it here

Our Commitment to Environmental and Social Impact

Taranis’ roots are in the ag community. We aim to be a major force for helping growers adopt sustainable, climate-smart agriculture practices and make a significant contribution to securing food supply and ensuring prosperity of local farming communities.


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