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Data Analysis

Turning leaf-level imagery into actionable insights

By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we give you a full-season story across every acre.

Automated analysis turns imagery into insights that will help you make a difference. Our AI models provide unmatched insights, using the most extensive crop imagery dataset and a robust quality assurance process, backed by deep agronomic expertise.

Feeding AI Models with High-Quality Data

Successful delivery of meaningful insights starts with high-quality data. Taranis ensures quality, taking into account both image-based information—such as sharpness, color clarity, and other parameters—and field-based information such as field coverage and imagery distribution.


Color Clarity

Field Coverage

Image Distribution

Leveraging Millions of Data Points

With more than 200 million data points – and growing – Taranis AI models have been thoroughly trained to accurately identify and annotate emerging crops and their potential threats, including signs of diseases, nutrient deficiency, insects, and defoliation.

Generating Actionable Insights

For each insight, the analysis is done on an image-by-image basis. Additional calculations and analysis on the field level is done using smart algorithms, with the result of field insights and prioritization scores that help you pinpoint opportunities.

Ensuring Agronomic Excellence

Our dedicated team of technical agronomists from around the world work to inform and train Taranis’ machine learning and artificial intelligence, perfecting current knowledge and adapting to new and changing agronomic threats, so you can have confidence in the insights you receive from every acre.

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