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Undeniable Crop Input Validation

February 07, 2023

Taranis AcreForward™ is a tool for crop input advisors, delivering insights to agriculture retail partners of all sizes and scale—a value highlighted in this Iowa retailer’s Taranis CONNECT™ success story, shared by Customer Success Representative, Nicole Hall.

“What I enjoy about this story is that it’s from one of our smaller, independent retail partners. Seed is a large part of their business, as well as crop inputs such as micronutrients and biological products,” Hall says. “So this story is really about validation and helping them show the value of the products they are recommending and placing on fields.”

As retail partners and Taranis customers, the agronomists we work with are given full access to every insight captured, in nearly real-time. And while a clear advantage is the ability to stay on top of and ahead of in-season pressures, there is much more to be gained, Hall says.

Measuring crop input trial success

“The advisor was looking at insights that were coming through the Taranis CONNECT app daily. He was able to see with the Field Health Insight the success of an area of the field he had been working with a grower to trial biological and micronutrient products,” she says.

crop input trial anomaly

With Taranis Field Health Insights, the agronomist was able to detect an above average anomaly area that had a higher vegetation index than the rest of the field—information he would not have been able to consider with traditional in-field scouting.

Showing the advantages of biological and micronutrient product applications

A trial placed on the west side of a field during the 2022 growing season looked to show the advantages of biological and micronutrient product applications. While reviewing the Taranis CONNECT mobile insights, the retail agronomist noticed an anomaly area.

AcreForward, the Taranis ground truth that provides leaf-level precision and unmatched clarity, was used to gather the field health insights that allowed the leaf tissue to tell the product success story.

“What I like to highlight with the imagery is that it will pick up and tell you things that you can’t see with the naked eye, and that’s exactly what happened in this case. We say what you can’t see can hurt you, but in this case, it turned out to be that what you can’t see can help you, too,” Hall shares, explaining that the ability to be at the right place at the right time with AI-driven insights allows every plant in the field to tell a story of success or stress.

“We really dug in and looked closer at the NDVI imagery,” Hall says. “That vegetation on the left side of the field was showing a more positive change that differentiated it from the rest of the field. We could see that the vegetation that was part of the trial area was a lot better than the areas outside of the trial.”

crop input trial NDVI

Creating the right product portfolio for every field

The imagery gave the retailer the opportunity to not only justify but promote the products that he had recommended while also serving as marketing assets for his product portfolio.

“This NDVI really helps to differentiate this retailer within a crowed market space right now. These are insights that are unique to this field and this trial but clearly show the value of what the products offer,” says Hall. “We’re providing content that lets a retailer show the value of the service that they are providing—we validate service and expertise. That’s really what this story is all about: placing the right product, at the right time, in the right place, and validating that the products are working. These tools are invaluable in a sales conversation.”


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