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Top 5 Corn Diseases of 2022

December 29, 2022

Sourced from Millions of Acres of Agronomic Data

Disease scouting is an important part of the corn growth cycle, as early detection of diseases can have a huge impact on yield. Digital crop scouting and agronomic data analysis allows advisors and farmers to move beyond anecdotal information and get an accurate picture of the diseases threatening their corn crops for more effective decision-making and timely action.

This season, Taranis collected data from millions of acres of corn in the Midwest using leaf-level imagery. Analyzing submillimeter images, we have identified the diseases that affected corn in the 2022 season. Fungal diseases can carry on from year to year, especially on continuous corn fields, therefore noting the major diseases from 2022 can help inform disease management decisions for 2023. As you plan your hybrid and input decisions for next year, make sure to have a look at the main diseases to affect the Midwest this past season.  

5 Top Corn Diseases

  1. Gray Leaf Spot is known to be the most common disease to affect corn and our data was consistent showing high instances of this foliar disease, caused by the fungus Cercospora zeae-maydis. Taranis data revealed that the states most affected by Gray Leaf Spot were Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio. Gray Leaf Spot is more likely to reappear in fields with back to back corn.
    gray leaf spot
  2. Tar Spot is a relatively new disease making an emergence in the Midwest over the past few years, first spotted in 2015. This fungal disease caused by Phyllachora maydis, can result in major yield loss. Our data indicated that the top five states affected by Tar Spot were Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Kentucky.
    tar spot
  3. Common Rust of Corn or Puccinia sorghi is a common and easily treatable fungus.
    common rust
  4. Northern Corn Leaf Blight was common, though at a much lower rate than Gray Leaf Spot and Holcus Leaf Spot. This disease can result in yield loss and stalk rot development.
    northern corn leaf blight
  5. Holcus Leaf Spot – this bacterial disease is the second most prominent disease found overall this season on corn. Holcus Leaf Spot is common, but does not often cause major losses.
    holcus leaf spot

Leaf-level crop intelligence takes the guesswork and delays out of the disease scouting process. It helps you cover every acre of your field, apply the right product in the right place at the right rate, and validate the results of actions taken early in the season (for example,
applying fungicides ahead of time.) 

Tailoring your plans for the 2023 season is easier with the proper disease data in hand. Many of these diseases spread from state to state and knowing which new diseases have appeared in which state can help you protect your corn crops. For more information about corn diseases that impacted your region this year, contact Taranis.


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