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Know2Grow Webinar

As we gear up for the 2024 growing season, the challenges of rising input costs and unpredictable commodity prices weigh heavily on the minds of growers like yourself. To help you navigate these uncertainties and maximize your profitability, we invite you to participate in our exclusive webinar series, Know2Grow, where we’ll delve into the invaluable capabilities of Taranis.

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Your Crop Insights Expert

Explore Taranis and see how you can easily capture the full-season story of every acre. Listen to this 30-minute overview hosted by Katie Staton, Director of Customer Success, to see how Taranis turns leaf-level data into actionable insights so you can take the guesswork out of planning and make decisions with more speed and certainty than ever before. Read your fields from the palm of your hand and have a more informed discussion with your advisor to preserve your hard-earned farm legacy.

Katie Staton

Director of Customer Success

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Taranis solutions are pushing the boundaries beyond any technology and service available in agriculture today. This is beyond scouting. It is about understanding what the acre is telling you and fostering collaboration between growers and advisors so that they both can be successful.

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