Taranis, The Climate Corporation Partnership Brings High-resolution Aerial Imagery Data To Farmers - Taranis

July 02, 2019

Taranis, The Climate Corporation Partnership Brings High-resolution Aerial Imagery Data To Farmers

July 02, 2019

Israeli-based Taranis has partnered with The Climate Corporation to provide U.S., Brazilian, and Argentinian farmers two-way data connectivity. By integrating field-level insights from the FieldView platform with Taranis’ patented high-resolution aerial imagery technology, this agreement will help farmers mitigate the risk of crop yield loss caused by insects, crop disease, weeds, and nutrient deficiencies.

“Our combined technologies will enable farmers to view high-quality images of their operations, quickly helping them identify field and crop health threats and opportunities in-season,” says Ofir Schlam, CEO and cofounder of Taranis. “These valuable insights can make it easier for farmers and their agronomic partners to develop further solutions to improve productivity and profitability.”

This information will flow seamlessly into farmers’ FieldView accounts at their request.

“As advanced, high-resolution aerial imagery becomes of greater interest and value to farmers to more precisely monitor crop health and to gain a deeper understanding of their fields, we look forward to partnering with Taranis to bring more farmers valuable imagery insights to enhance their operations,” says Mark Young, chief technology officer and head of product for The Climate Corporation.


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