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Listen as we go in-depth into the issues affecting crop advisors, growers, and farm communities as we examine the future of farming.

Nir Naor

Harnessing AI in Agriculture: Insights with Taranis’ Head of AI, Nir Naor

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Drew Garretson

Seeds of Cooperation: Drew Garretson’s Perspective on Building a Keystone in Agriculture

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Dave Chance

Cultivating Success: The Chance Family’s Journey with Taranis AcreForward and the Evolution of Farming

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Ofir Schlam

Transforming Agriculture Through Innovation: The Taranis Journey

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Nate Eitzmann

Harvesting Success: Nate Eitzmann on Maximizing Yields, Cutting Costs, and Embracing AgTech Wisdom

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Matt Carstens

If Not Us, Who? A Conversation with Landus President and CEO, Matt Carstens

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