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Forward-thinking Farming

Featuring Damian Mason

In this episode of AcreForward, host and Taranis COO, Mike DiPaola sits down with professional speaker, podcast host, and creator of the Business of Ag success group, Damian Mason. This forward-thinking conversation tackles the challenges of communication across the value chain, labor shortages and unbalance, and how the “Amazon Effect” has and continues to disrupt the retail ag channels. The conversation starts at Mason’s early beginnings and broaches the future of production agriculture. 

Mason, who grew up on a farm in northeast Indiana, also says that corporate America wasn’t for him, abandoning the “normal” 8-5 for a hopeful career as a political comedian. You read that right, Mason says that his stand-up included a Bill Clinton impression complete with grey hair, padding for his slimmer 20-something frame, and aging make-up. That experience: learning to read his audience, invest in what mattered to them and translate those messages into his work is what Mason credits as his stepping stones to where he is now. 

Today, Mason’s accolades include an impressive bookshelf of works that include Food Fear: How Fear is Ruining Your Dinner and Do Business Better, host and producer of the network, and a list of thought-provoking speaking opportunities that span beyond agriculture. 

Regardless of your association with agriculture, no matter your grocery preferences, this is a conversation that ultimately affects us all and is one you won’t want to miss. 

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