Expertise and Integration: An Ag Tech Conversation with Nutrien Ag Solutions’ Andrew Tucker - Taranis

Expertise and Integration: An Ag Tech Conversation with Nutrien Ag Solutions’ Andrew Tucker

In this week’s AcreForward podcast, host and Customer Success Representative Elaina Ripberger sits down with Nutrien Ag Solutions’ Andrew Tucker to talk ag tech: application, adoption and why farmers need to look to technology to help gain bushels even when commodity prices are low. 

Ag Tech ROI 

Tucker’s journey into precision agriculture began in southeast Iowa, where he developed a love for farming from his extended family. 

“As a kid, I spent a lot of time on those farms and really developed a love for agriculture from my uncles and cousins,” Tucker shares. 

His early realization of the need for precision agriculture was driven by the desire to manage input costs effectively to increase profitability. Tucker shares that he’s watched input costs continue to rise amidst lower commodity prices, a fluctuation he shares adds even greater volatility to breakeven costs. 

“We can manage our input costs and really put the right products down at the right place, time, rate and use the right product, the 4-Rs of nutrient management, and we can see our profitability increase in agriculture,” Tucker explains.

The Role of Taranis in Enhancing Efficiency

Tucker’s endeavor into drone technology began with the early Phantom drones in 2011-2012, which he initially used for scouting. He says the tool gave him the ability to look at an entire field without having to actually scout every acre. The camera the drones were equipped with gave him a bird’s eye view of what was happening and allowed for incredible management opportunities. Today, Tucker is taking those opportunities to the next level by incorporating Taranis in his field management plan. 

“Just last night, I was doing some spot spraying with a drone, and having Taranis saves me steps; it has been a big time saver. I know what’s going on in the field before I go out there, and I can start making plans to potentially bring a sprayer drone or spreader drone out with me to fine-tune,” he says. 

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