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An AcreForward Conversation with Landus GROW Lead, Jamie Orr

If you missed the Farm Progress Show this year, you missed more than the latest in machinery and agriculture innovation. Our Taranis team was onsite and recorded live interviews for the AcreForward Podcast with members of our partnership network. 

With a growing number of acres enrolled in the AcreForward Crop Intelligence, Landus is the “forward-leaning, progressive cooperative working with the farmers who want to be here tomorrow and will be here tomorrow,” says GROW Lead, Jamie Orr, who joined Mike on stage to talk technology, innovation, and what sets Landus apart in the cooperative marketplace. 

“The main difference is the phone number that (customers or potential customers) can call. Someone will answer the phone most hours of the day,” he says. “We have experts behind the phone that can answer anything about Landus and our products.” 

Orr cites technological advancements and Landus’ commitment to providing customers with the new and innovative solutions those technologies deliver as another distinguishing driver of the company—a driver Taranis aligns perfectly with. 

As a one-time resident of the Innovation Center, located at the Landus headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa Taranis and Landus have a history. And Orr offers that the advantages Taranis provides help him and his team better serve their customers. 

“Managing a virtual team, we can be sitting behind a desk, whether in a farmer’s office or our office, and understanding what is happening in a farmer’s field, down to an insect level,” Orr explains the value Taranis brings to his team. “No one, no matter how good of a scout you are, can find everything. Taranis takes a lot off our sales staff. It makes them more efficient and can bring better customer service to the farmer.”

With a family farm in northeast Iowa and Orr located in Illinois, being part of the farming operation can be challenging. Taranis is a connection Orr has found that helps him stay engaged in what is happening in the fields and a part of the management conversation. 

“I can take a look at our family fields every day, and I can ask, “What’s going on in this field” from four hours away. I can look at a lot of acres in a short amount of time,” he says. 

To hear more about how Orr’s team is putting Taranis AcreForward Intelligence to work to expand the expertise of senior agronomists, more effectively and efficiently train new sales and agronomic team members, and take the guesswork out of conversations from the buddy seat of the combine, tune in to this episode of the AcreForward Podcast. 

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