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December 01, 2023


Steve Patterson’s Transformative Talk: The Power of Pause and Precision

Comparing the impact of Taranis to the advent of precision agriculture, which he helped introduce earlier in his career, Patterson offered, "I believe Taranis is the BIGGEST thing that's come along since precision agriculture. This is what agriculture's been waiting for. A view from the sky of what the problems are, so better decisions can be made."

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Winning in Agriculture: Combining Experience with Data for Best Outcomes

Gain insights from Purdue's Dr. Scott Downey on data-driven sales strategies. "Experience without data is just someone’s opinion," he shares at the 2025 Taranis Sales Kickoff.

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Growing with Technology: Carolina Eastern – Dillon’s Innovative Path Forward

When Ronny and his son, Will, opened the doors of Carolina Eastern – Dillon in 2009, both had a vision for what type of service the Dillon location could provide, and with the help of the parent company, Carolina Eastern’s Crop Excellence program and Taranis, the father-son team are excited to share the story of how they are pushing the boundaries of ag retail customer service and insights. 

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