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Acre Forward: Change the Way You Work to Improve Profitability for Every Field

February 24, 2023

As the global population is on the rise, the expectations from farmers to grow about 70% more food continues to remain front line. Leading the discussion around Taranis’ AcreForward technology is Mike DiPaola, Chief Commercial Officer. 

Trusted Advisors Unlock Growth for Growers

“When you think about agriculture it’s really an applied art using a lot of intuition and tradition, bringing forth innovations to produce the volume of food we do today,” DiPaola says. “But we know to unlock further growth, we must continue creating more prosperity and that’s where we as trusted advisors come in.” 

While the support system between equipment providers, input retailers, crop advisors and others continue to be a great resource, Taranis is looking to facilitate connection between the crop retailer and the farmer with their full-service leaf level insight delivery approach.  

Also joining in to discuss the latest on technology innovation and their experiences with Taranis is Randy Jensen with Central Valley Ag, Brian Wambeke representing Pearl City Elevator, and Tim Spector with Pride Ag Resources. 

“In our area, we have led the precision market for many years and when we first looked at Taranis we recognized it would be beneficial in growing our seed business,” Wambeke says, sharing that many new employees and interns have been satisfied knowing Pearl City Elevator continues leading the technology and innovation space.

Crop Scouting Has Moved to New Era

“We believe crop scouting has moved into a new era, as we are now doing things at sub millimeter resolution with satellite NDVI,” DiPaola says, mentioning that within seconds technology now allows the ability to count and understand fields gap, stand counts, nutrient deficiencies, areas of defoliation and so much more.  

AcreForward by Taranis is not only allowing the industry to offer full-service technology for the producer, but Spector with Pride Ag says it’s allowing his team the chance to cover about two to three times as many acres as tradition field scouting, which gives their customers the chance to see an entire field within 24 hours instead of just a portion of it.  

“We’ve been working with Taranis for two years now as a way to bring information for our growers to utilize in the current crop year or even in the future,” Spector says, sharing that the technology has even showed them application issues and tank mix concerns as well. 

Engaging growers with value insights remains a high priority for Taranis and the snapshot reports each morning makes that easily accessible. 

Crop Intelligence at Your Fingertips

“If an agronomist or grower is signed up, they receive a snapshot of fields every morning,” Jensen says. “The snapshot shows any new findings like stand count issues, planting updates and other details which allows for findings like as to why a hybrid failed or why stand counts came back reduced.” 

With just a click of a button, the digitalized artificial intelligence allows for the opportunity to dig in and look at various factors that could be disrupting the field or even crops stand. 

Spector says ultimately the leaf-level crop intelligence acts as a complete packaged to bring value to growers, adding the benefits his team at Pride Ag has found using Taranis to bring together retail advisors and the grower.  

As the world leading AI-powered crop intelligence platform, the reach of farmers and industry representatives utilizing the technology continues to expand. 

“At Central Valley Ag last year, farmers used Taranis within our nine sales regions, and the managers have the flexibility to make the package fit their area because not all growing areas are the same,” Jensen says, adding that CVA has room to expand their Taranis reach as their precision program services around 2,000 local growers. 

The setup process to begin working with Taranis is simple. Visit Taranis for more information or to contact the team about partnering together. 

“As a partner or representative, you never actually touch the drones, but rather just receive the imagery,” says DiPaola, mentioning all they need to set you up is field boundaries and planting dates before one can start receiving mission updates and season reports.  

Closing the conversation, DiPaola added that Taranis’ goal isn’t to replace consultants or staff, but to get the most out of every acre and unlock new opportunities for their valued growers and partners. 



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