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Conservation Pays: Maximizing Profitability Potential for Growers Through Conservation Practices

April 17, 2024

A new strategic partnership between Taranis and Steward Link is easing the burden of program application and validating implemented conservation practices —unlocking significant revenue potential for growers.

In an era of “green” and “sustainable” buzzwords, backed by billions of dollars of local, state and national support, growers (AKA the original stewards of the land) are seeing new and lucrative opportunities to be compensated for practices they either want to implement or may have already implemented. 

The struggle? Time and awareness. It’s hard to apply for a program you know nothing about, and if you’ve ever filled out the paperwork for a Farm Service Agency (FSA) loan or Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) cost share program, the value of time spent completing the application process isn’t lost on you. 

Steward Link, a Mississippi-based company founded and led by former NRCS employee Nick Thomas, has worked since 2015 to alleviate those pain points, and a new partnership with Taranis streamlines the company’s ability to do so. Steward Link’s approach involves facilitating access to programs by identifying and delivering comprehensive and timely applications on behalf of the farmers and ranchers they work with. 

Conservation Program Application With a High Success Rate

“We pride ourselves on submitting complete, well-documented applications ahead of deadlines, demonstrating our eagerness to collaborate closely with USDA staff. Our goal is to simplify the process for both our clients and the USDA, building on the strong relationships we’ve established to promote conservation efforts on the ground,” Thomas says. 

Through detailed consultations, Steward Link tailors its approach to identify the unique stewardship goals of each farm, ensuring that clients receive the best opportunity to benefit from these programs—a process that becomes exponentially easier for Taranis customers. 

“Our aim is to provide our clients with unparalleled access to conservation opportunities, aligning our strategies with their specific needs to foster sustainable practices across their operations. And what we are seeing is a high level of technology and practice adoption amongst Taranis customers,” Thomas says. Technology and documentation position them well for many conservation opportunities, and the technology has also helped us open the door for new programs. The applications we have been able to complete for Taranis customers have been extremely high-quality.” 

Faster Crop Input and Management Decisions With More Certainty Than Ever Before

Opher Flohr, Taranis CEO, explains that partnerships that advance the financial and stewardship positions of the farmer are a win for the entire value chain and an outcome Taranis seeks to advance. 

“Taranis is redefining how crop input and management decisions are made on the farm. Our service aligns perfectly with USDA’s mission to promote conservation while maximizing profitability for growers, and therefore we have an edge on obtaining funding from USDA programs for our growers,” Flohr explains. “I believe this is just the start—as USDA continues to add funding for precise application practices that are unlocked by technologies like Taranis, we will be vigilant to make sure our growers are first in line to receive those funds.” 

The collaboration between Taranis and Steward Link is built on the vision both companies have for conservation: both for farmers and for the environment. By integrating Taranis’ cutting-edge AI-powered crop intelligence technologies with Steward Link’s deep understanding of conservation programs and application processes, both are hopeful that the partnership will transform the landscape of agricultural conservation application and program adoption—unlocking significant revenue potential for growers.

Hassle-free and Risk-free for Growers

In addition to providing comprehensive application support, Taranis and Steward Link ensure a hassle-free and risk-free experience for customers. With a streamlined process, growers can rest assured that they’ll receive expert guidance without the burden of upfront costs. The payment model is based on the funds received by growers, meaning they only pay for the service once they’ve secured government funding for their conservation initiatives. This approach underscores a commitment to making conservation accessible and financially viable for growers of all sizes.

“This partnership is a testament to our shared belief in the power of innovation to drive positive change in the agricultural sector,” Flohr shares. “And joining forces with Steward Link allows us to further leverage our technological advancements in a way that directly benefits growers.”

To learn more about the partnership between Taranis and Steward Link or to get started with conservation program eligibility, visit



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