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Understanding Harvest: What Influenced Your Results?

November 29, 2023

12 Topics to Discuss with Your Crop Advisor

Understanding your harvest results is crucial for optimizing future crop inputs and farming practices. Now that the combines are winding down, take a moment to reflect on your harvest. Here are some questions to consider when evaluating your harvest results:

Yield Analysis:

  • What was the overall yield compared to our expectations?
  • Did specific areas of the field perform better or worse than others?
  • What factors might have contributed to variations in yield? Did we measure stand count accurately at the start of the season?

Quality Assessment:

  • How is the quality of the harvested crop? Are there any issues with disease, pests, or contamination?
  • Did the crop meet the required standards for market acceptance?

Input Evaluation:

  • Should we plant the same hybrids or varieties next year or evaluate other seed products?
  • How well did different inputs (fertilizer, fungicide, etc.) perform?
  • Were there any input-related issues that affected the harvest outcome?

Weather Impact:

  • How did weather conditions throughout the season influence the harvest?
  • Were there any unexpected weather events that affected the crop? What should we have done differently?

Timing and Scheduling:

  • Did the timing of planting and harvesting align with optimal conditions?
  • Were there any delays or challenges in the schedule that impacted the harvest?

Equipment Performance:

  • Did my equipment operate efficiently during planting and harvesting?
  • Were there any breakdowns or issues that affected our productivity?

Cost Analysis:

  • What were the overall costs associated with harvest?
  • Were there any unexpected expenses, and how can they be mitigated in the future?

Data from Precision Agriculture Tools:

  • How did data from precision agriculture tools contribute to decision-making?
  • Were there any insights gained from these tools that could be applied in the next season? Do we understand every acre in leaf-level detail?
  • Are we keeping a year-over-year record of my fields?

Crop Rotation and Field Management:

  • How did the choice of crop rotation impact the harvest?
  • Are there changes needed in field management practices for better outcomes?

Grain Market Trends and Demand:

  • Did the harvested crop align with current market trends and demand?
  • How did basis levels impact the final prices received?
  • Did the market exhibit any unexpected fluctuations that impacted pricing decisions?

Crop Advisor Engagement:

  • How can we increase transparency on what’s happening on my fields?
  • What tools can we use to have timely, actionable discussions?

Lessons Learned:

  • What were the key lessons learned from this harvest season?
  • What adjustments or improvements can be made for a more successful next season?

As another harvest season wraps up, we hope it has been a successful one for growers. At Taranis, we recognize the importance of understanding your harvest results thoroughly to make well-informed decisions for the next season. That’s where AcreForward comes in—a powerful agricultural intelligence platform designed to provide comprehensive insights into your crop’s performance throughout the entire season. In other words, it’s the only tool on the market that can give you the game tape of every acre.



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