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To Those Who Work in Acres, Not Hours

August 31, 2023

Labor Day 2023

As Labor Day approaches, it’s a great time to kick back, fire up the grill, and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. But while you’re savoring those burgers and hotdogs, don’t forget to tip your hat to the real unsung heroes of this holiday – the hardworking agronomists and farmers who put in sweat and love to bring food to our plates. Here are three down-to-earth reasons why giving a shout-out to our farming friends is a must this Labor Day:

1. Fueling Our Bodies:

Ever wonder what it truly takes to produce our delicious meals? Or how about what it takes to feed healthy livestock? Well, it’s all thanks to the growers who labor day in and day out to make sure we’ve got a variety of fresh and nutritious food to enjoy. From grains that become our daily bread to veggies that pack a nutritional punch, farmers are the MVPs of our dining tables.

With all the challenges they face, from volatile weather to challenging pests and crop threats, these folks work their magic to make sure we’ve got a steady supply of good eats. So, as you savor that farm-fresh goodness, remember to give a nod to the ones who make it all possible.

2. Growing More Than Crops:

Sure, farming might seem like a job that’s all about planting seeds and managing fields. But it’s also about cultivating communities and nurturing economies. Think about it – all those farmers’ markets, roadside stands, and local food festivals? They’re not just about delicious bites; they’re about fostering connections and supporting local businesses.

When farmers thrive, their communities thrive, too. The money we spend on their produce doesn’t just stop at the farm gate – it goes on to fuel all kinds of businesses, from restaurants, grocers, and bakeries to manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical, and transportation companies, and more. So, by thanking an agronomy advisor and grower, you’re not just tipping your hat to hard workers; you’re giving a nod to the heartbeat of your community and our national and global economy.

3. Earth’s Unsung Heroes:

Farmers are more than just caretakers of crops; they’re stewards of the land. Many of them are pioneering sustainable practices that protect our planet’s health. By using methods like crop rotation, they’re showing Mother Nature some love while producing plentiful crops and livestock.

With all the talk about climate change and the environment, it’s worth remembering that farmers are on the frontlines of the battle to keep our planet livable. So, this Labor Day, let’s give them a high-five for taking care of the Earth while they’re taking care of us.

So, there you have it. This Labor Day, as you relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor, take a moment to raise a glass (or a burger) to the agricultural value chain and farmers who work in acres, not hours. They’re the reason we’ve got amazing food on our tables, strong communities, and a healthier planet to call home.


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