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Replant Decision to Maximize Corn Yield for NCGA Contest

May 31, 2024

DATE  |  May 2024

LOCATION  |  Belmont, WI

CROP  |  Corn

THREAT  |  Stand Count

MISSION  | 1    2    3    4    5    6



  • Less than ideal stand counts in the western part of the field.
  • This field is enrolled in the NCGA contest, so the grower needs perfect stand count to reach their performance goals.


  • Use Taranis’ zone mapping feature to create a prescription for replanting 18 acres.
  • Review the second mission to evaluate the emergence of planted areas.
  • Assess the reasons behind the need for replanting.



  • Timely replant to reach stand goals to reach maximum yield potential for this field.
  • The agronomist provided a meaningful touchpoint with the growers to provide advice on replanting.



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