A Proactive #Grow23 - Taranis

A Proactive #Grow23

April 18, 2023

Listen for our Taranis team and partners throughout #Grow23 on AgriTalk with Chip Flory, where we’ll breakdown how our team is moving every acre forward, year after year.

Staying Ahead of Crop Threats

In this episode, Ethan Noll, Digital Lead for Ag Partners, stopped by the show to share his and his team’s experience with Taranis’ AcreForward. Noll talks about early season challenges and the importance of getting ahead and staying ahead of challenges throughout the season. 

“Some of the biggest things that we’re managing are our stand assessments and weed scouting,” Noll says. “We want to make sure that we have a good stand to start the year off right and replant exactly where we need to. And we’re also looking for specific weeds and getting the right herbicide for the right weed so that we don’t have any escapes to start clean from the start.” 

And a huge part of that proactive response is having the insights needed to make educated management decisions. 

Crop Scouting: The Difference Between Proactive and Reactive

Noll notes that there’s a difference between proactive and reactive in crop scouting and that Taranis’ AcreForward makes that difference. 

“We use it (Taranis’ AcreForward) a lot for our crop scouting and Taranis allows us to be very proactive. We’re getting out there before we know there’s a problem. We can control our weeds better and earlier with lower rates of herbicide. We can address our nutrient deficiencies a lot quicker before they become a major yield issue. That’s really the major difference between Taranis and other crop scouting,” he says. 

And while proactive scouting may start early in the season, it’s a plan that should carry through a management plan all season long—a strategy Noll and his team have implemented for the past several growing seasons. There’s never a bad time to have insights and decision-making information, he shares and notes that the information creates a game tape of sorts that provides his team a searchable record of what is happening in fields, an advantage not just for the growing season, but for next year’s management plan. The record also provides a great tool to show the farmers Ag Partners works for the efficacy of agronomic recommendations and applications. 

Crop Intelligence is Game Tape for Your Acres

“We use (Taranis) for defoliation with insect pressure,” Noll provides as an example of the many uses for the tool. “We use it for nutrient deficiencies, but we’ll also look at it during harvest time and in the winter. It’s basically a game tape to see what went wrong and what we can do differently – what we can do better. We can ask and find an answer to why we are seeing issues in our yield maps as we’re in harvest.” 

No farmer and certainly no agronomist has ever complained of too much actionable information. The more you know, the better management you can provide, and with Taranis’ AcreForward, the answers to the questions your acres present this growing season can be in the palm of your hand. 

To learn more about getting the full story of your fields throughout #grow23, visit www.AcreForward.com


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