Taranis propels growth in Brazil with new Brazilian headquarters and leadership - Taranis

December 03, 2021

Taranis propels growth in Brazil with new Brazilian headquarters and leadership

December 03, 2021

Leading precision agriculture company strengthens Brazilian leadership team and relocates Brazilian office closer to the sugarcane market

São Paulo, December 3, 2021 – Taranis, ag innovator and pioneer in AI-powered precision scouting, announced the opening of its new Brazilian headquarters in Campinas-SP, Brazil this month. This move will further establish Taranis’ presence in the sugarcane growing areas and enhance customers’ accessibility to a wealth of agronomic insights powered by the most advanced precision ag technology in the industry.

According to Mike DiPaola, Chief Commercial Officer of Taranis, this is an important step for the company in Brazil, one of the world’s fastest growing agriculture markets. “We are committed to increasing our presence in Brazil and this will allow us to serve our customers as we scale and grow in the Brazilian market. We will also be able, in an even more active way, to recruit and hire talented ag professionals available in Campinas and the region,” DiPaola points out.

Taranis’ precision scouting platform delivers unmatched high-resolution imagery and in-depth crop analytics powered by its artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its one-of-a-kind CONNECT mobile app brings real-time insights directly from the field to the user’s fingertips, allowing advisors and growers alike to make quick and informed crop decisions.

To lead Taranis’ Brazilian team in this important strategic market, the company announced the addition of a seasoned industry professional, Fábio Franco, who assumed the position of General Manager in Brazil.

Mr. Franco, an agronomist by education, brings over 20 years of experience in the Brazilian agriculture market. Prior to joining Taranis, Mr. Franco worked at Cargill Agrícola SA, Monsanto do Brasil, Sementes Jotabasso, among other companies.

“We are delighted to welcome Fábio Franco to our leadership team,” said Mike DiPaola. “His deep knowledge of the agriculture industry in Brazil, disciplined leadership skills, and his focus on execution, will add tremendous energy to accelerating our business opportunities in Brazil.”

Franco will further refine the go-to-market strategy to execute and accelerate Taranis’ growth in the sugarcane market and with the ag retail and corporate farms. As Franco builds the strategy, he will capitalize on his vast experience within the seed industry to further advance Taranis’ service to this industry.

“Taranis is a great ally of the Brazilian rural producer. Our cutting-edge technology contributes to more assertive decisions and recommendations, which optimizes the use of resources, and positively impacts costs and productivity. Agribusiness is undergoing constant innovation and Taranis is one of the protagonists,” concludes Franco.

About Taranis

Taranis is the world’s leading AI-powered crop analytics platform for agribusiness. It leverages AI and machine learning, high-resolution aerial, satellite, and drone imagery, and deep agronomic know-how to allow crop advisors to make better, more informed crop management decisions. Since founded in 2015, Taranis has worked with the world’s top agricultural retailers and crop protection companies, monitoring millions of acres for customers in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and Australia. In Brazil, the company is working with several of the biggest companies in the sugar-energy sector. In addition to Campinas-SP, Taranis has offices in Westfield, Indiana (USA), where the company’s Headquarter is located, and its research and development center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

US Media Contact: Leah Beyer, 317-512-4025, leah.beyer@taranis.com

Brazil Media Contact: Lucas Geraldini, +55-6-59-9968-6998, lucas.geraldini@taranis.com


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