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January 31, 2023

Taranis Reports on Top 5 Soybean Diseases of 2022 Across the US Midwest

January 31, 2023

Report is based on millions of acres across the Midwest digitally scouted at leaf-level resolution by Taranis last season. The report provides a snapshot of the top soybean diseases growers encountered.

WESTFIELD, Ind., January 31, 2023 — Taranis, the AI-powered crop intelligence leader, is pleased to share its findings based on leaf-level imagery collected and analyzed from millions of acres of soybean fields in 2022.

“With fungal diseases carrying on from year to year, especially on continuous soybean fields, taking account of the major diseases from past season can help inform disease management decisions for 2023,” said Idan Harary, Agronomy team leader at Taranis. Data from 2021 shows that in the US and Ontario, Canada, 5.8% of potential soybean yield was lost due to diseases.

Report Highlights – 5 Top Soybean Diseases in 2022:

  1.  Brown Stem Rot symptoms occur early in the season but the damage appears in the summer. If not detected properly, it can be confused with Sudden Death Syndrome. When severe, yield losses could be up to 40%.We found BSR across the Midwest, towards the South and in the East as well. The states suffering from BSR the most were Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan.

  2. Brown Spot is a common foliar disease but does not always cause serious damage. Brown Spot can result in yield loss in some situations (~2 to 4 bu). We found Brown Spot all over the Midwest and South, most commonly in Ohio followed by Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and Nebraska.

  3. Downy Mildew is a common foliar fungal disease, with low impact on yield. Downy Mildew occurs when humidity levels are high. In 2022 it appeared throughout the Midwest and South, most prominently in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Kentucky.

  4. Alternaria Leaf Spot is a fungal foliar disease that usually appears late in the season and does not cause significant damage. Alternaria is common in Brassica crops.The states with the most instances of Alternaria Leaf Spot were Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Maryland, Indiana, Delaware, Kansas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

  5. Sudden Death Syndrome is caused by a soil-borne fungal pathogen. The pathogen remains in the soil, can survive freezing temperatures, and infects the young plants in the spring, moving from the roots to the leaves. SDS can cause serious damage to yield and its instances are closely correlated with Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN). Scouting for SDS can be challenging because it resembles other diseases, such as Brown Stem Rot. We found the most cases of SDS in Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, and Wisconsin.

“Leaf-level crop intelligence takes the guesswork out of the disease scouting process,” Harary added. “It helps advisors and growers apply the right product in the right place at the right rate, and validate the results of actions taken early in the season. We invite customers to view the main diseases that affected the Midwest this past season in order to inform hybrid and input decisions for next season.”

More information about Soybean 2022 diseases is available here.

To learn about diseases that impacted your region, contact Taranis.

About Taranis:

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