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Taranis Services Description

Services Description
  1. Taranis Service Plans. The bundle of Web App, Taranis CONNECT, Satellite, Premium Satellite, FieldHealth Insights, and AI Driven Insights which together represent the Taranis full season service offering. Subscriptions are purchased on an annual basis per acre (“Subscribed Acres”).
  2. Web App. Software platform accessed online on a Software as a Service basis, on which Customers can add fields to service plans, view field images and insights, create prescriptions and utilize other online features and applications.
  3. Taranis CONNECT. Mobile application that allows Customer to receive push notifications of insights from Customer’s subscribed fields as well as other imagery and information, and to share information with growers. The application is also used to guide human scouting, and add notes and information by the user.
  4. AI Driven Insights. Taranis proprietary submillimeter imagery and artificial intelligence based analytics, providing a variety of insights to the Customers such as stand count, weed detection, insect and insect damage detection, disease detection and several other applications. Fields are assigned to a subscribed plan via the Web App.
  5. Limitations of image acquisition: The collection of imagery may, in isolated occasions, be limited or not possible for certain reasons. These limitations include:
    1. Rain during the imaging window.
    2. Excessive wind during the imaging window
    3. Radio interference at the site, some places make use of microwave links to provide internet infrastructure from the grid to the final point, flying in the direct path between the 2 microwave nodes is not possible.
    4. Excessive topography restricting the ability to maintain visual line of sight with the aircraft from any launch point.
    5. Obstructions higher than 20ft within the field itself, power lines, wind turbines, trees, etc.
    6. Lack of access to the property, most topography and obstruction restrictions can be overcome with access to the property. Contact details for a person able to grant us access to a property will be important for ensuring service.
    7. No fly zones due to government regulations
    8. Personal safety situations
  6. Premium Satellite Service.
    1. Taranis premium satellite layers at resolutions between 10m to 3.7m, to be accessed via the Web App.
    2. Field Health Insights. NDVI change detection on a field by field basis, utilizing specified time intervals and identifying areas that are behaving abnormally.
Customer Requirements

To perform Taranis services, Taranis requires that the following data be provided for each field via the Web App to receive service:

    1. Uploaded (in shapefile format) or manually created field boundary
    2. Crop type
    3. Planting date
    4. For optimal use of services, information such as intended plants per acre/hectare, hybrid/variety information and row spacing is required
    5. Fields must comply with the Taranis definition of a Unit of Delivery and base geographies. “Unit of Delivery” means a “block” with a minimum area of 10 acres and of reasonable shape displayed in the Taranis interface.
    6. Permitted User. Authenticated and Customer approved person with Taranis login credentials and specified permissions.
    7. New Permitted Users shall receive on-boarding webinar with a Taranis Customer Success Representative to be trained on the Web App and all features and applications, no later than 30 days after account setup.
 Participating Fields 
    1. Customer is responsible to identify participating fields that are to be assigned to the applicable subscribed service plan in the Taranis Web App. In general, all fields must be uploaded as soon as viably possible, and in accordance with the guidance agreed between the parties in the signed Order Form.
    2. The required information for every field (as described in the User Inputs above) should be provided no later than 72 hours after the planting date.

    1. All Subscribed Acres expire in accordance to the term defined in the Order Form.
    2. Service Plans, Subscribed Acres and all other purchased services are non-refundable

Platform and Data Access
    1. Access to all features, tools and value-added data (satellite imagery, customer zones, prescriptions etc.) is dependent on an active subscription to an applicable Taranis Service Plan for each Permitted User.

Taranis Service Level Agreement (“SLA”)
    1. The standards for service delivery of the Taranis SmartScout Service Plans are determined within the Taranis SLA
Self Operation Equipment liability
    1. A Customer that purchases a Self Operation Service Plan, as the operator of the equipment, is responsible for all equipment supplied by Taranis.
    2. At the end of the term of engagement, all equipment must be returned to Taranis in the same condition it was issued. Normal wear and tear that can be remedied using provided spares kit will be acceptable.
    3. The customer is responsible for all maintenance of equipment while in their possession. A spares kit will be provided with the equipment for this purpose.
    4. A set of equipmet is valued at a discounted cost of $27,000 for total loss. If the equipment is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen, the customer will be liable for the actual replacement or repair costs to the equipment to a maximum of $27,000 for a total loss.
    5. All repairs to damaged equipment will be done by Taranis and/or its service providers, and every effort will be made to return damaged equipment to service as cost effectively as possible.
    6. In the event of an accident or malfunction that causes the equipment to be inoperable, Taranis will send the customer replacement equipment via overnight courier in order to allow for continued services. In the event of an accident that is a result of user error, the customer will be liable for the shipping costs. In the event of an equipment malfunction that is not due to user error, Taranis will be liable for the shipping costs.