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Taranis Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Taranis will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver the service in accordance with the details below (“Service Level”)

This SLA is in effect per each Subscribed Acre that has met the Customer Requirements as described in the Taranis Services Description https://taranis.ag/taranis-services-description/

Image Acquisition
SmartScout image acquisition will be executed in accordance with the Taranis Service Plan per crop. Taranis may decide to reasonably bring forward or postpone the image acquisition, subject to maintaining the applicable Insight Quality as determined below.

Image Processing
SmartScout image processing and analytics, resulting in the delivery of the AI Driven Insights, will be completed within 72 hours from the time at which the image was successfully acquired.

Image DistributionTaranis will sample at a ratio of one image per 2 acres at a minimum. Image distribution will be deemed successful if at least 80% of the field, that is accessible without limitations, has been sampled at the minimum ratio.

Insights Quality

1. Stand Count – Taranis will provide the user with an average stand count per acre (or hectare) for each sampled image and interpolated for the whole field, based on the collection of images and Taranis’s proprietary algorithms

2. Weeds – early stage – Taranis will provide the user with quantified data on Broadleaf / Grass Leaf weed population in the field, according to sample images. If applicable under the image constraints associated with the early stage mission, Taranis will identify specific weed species which are determined as “Weeds of Interest” for the region being serviced.

3. Weeds – post Stand Count – Taranis will provide the user with quantified data weed species which are determined as “Weeds of Interest” for the region being serviced, both for each image sample and interpolated in aggregate for the whole field based on Taranis’s proprietary algorithms.

4. “Weeds of Interest” – are those weeds that Taranis has determined to be of most importance to be identified given their agronomic impact on the crop yield, and typically their level of resistance. Such list of weeds is updated and enhanced from time to time.

5. Insects / Disease / Nutrient Deficiency – will show the existence of suspected insect damage / disease / nutrient deficiency within each image.

Service Credit
For failure to meet the Service Level described in Sections 1, through 4. above, the Customer can request a service credit. The service credit will be based on the pro-rated value associated with the affected Subscribed Acres out of the entire service plan. Taranis will use all information reasonably available to validate the service credit request and to determine whether any service credits are due. The service credit will be provided to the Customer to be utilized in the current or following season service plan.

Premium Satellite Service
Taranis will provide all satellite imagery that is made available to Taranis for each specific field subscribed to the service during the subscription period.

With respect to all Taranis services, the Customer agrees that the Service Credits set out herein are the sole and exclusive remedy for any failure to meet the Service Level

The SLA (and the award of Service Credits) does not apply to any incidents that: (i) are caused by factors beyond Taranis’ reasonable control; (ii) are attributable to persons other than Taranis; or (iii) result from use of the Taranis services other than in accordance with any instructions or documentation, or in violation of the Agreement.

Scheduled Downtime
Taranis shall provide at least four (4) business days’ advance notice on scheduled downtime for the Web App and/or CONNECT.Scheduled downtime shall not impact and shall be excluded from performance measurement.

Scheduled downtime shall in no event exceed one (1) business days.During scheduled downtime service levels shall not apply.

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