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Mother Nature takes Farmers on a Wild Weather Roller Coaster Ride

May 22, 2022
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Throughout the month of May, Farmers in the Midwest are riding Mother Nature’s wild weather roller coaster. At times, the ride this month has proven to be very unpredictable from very cold and wet weather to late August like temperatures to finally opening the window for planting sown from Nebraska to Ohio. That is no exception for our farmers in Iowa.

“It’s been stop and go,” says Taranis Eastern Iowa Regional Sales Director Mark Bradke, “Some of our farmers were fortunate enough to have planted early allowing first flight missions to be flown and now we are starting to see the return information on those fields.”

The images and information Taranis can deliver to agronomists and growers is unlike any other scouting program out there.

“I spent time ground truthing one of our first flight missions this week with a new agronomist,” says Bradke, “Three hours, three fields, a tape measure and an 1/8 of an acre later, we were able to verify poor standability issues by hand whereas our Taranis flight operations team spent an hour covering 100 acres, photographing, tagging, and counting actual plants. Its time saved, accurate and remarkable.”

“Taranis tells the story of exactly what is happening in your fields. Our team flies your acres and within 24 hours, you have real images and insights that provide farmers alternative and actionable solutions for next steps,” says Bradke, “So farmers can have peace of mind and sleep well at night.”

Read this week’s Iowa Crop Progress and Condition Report –  IA-Crop-Progress-05-16-22.pdf (

Read this week’s National Crop Progress and Condition Report – Crop Progress 05/16/2022 (



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