Tim Pearson - Nebraska Agri Business Association Podcast - Taranis

Tim Pearson – Nebraska Agri Business Association Podcast

October 02, 2019
Tim Pearson, Regional Sales Manager of Taranis, talks to us about Drone Technology and how it can help Nebraska’s Agronomists do their job with more efficiency.


Acre Forward: Change the Way You Work to Improve Profitability for Every Field

As the global population is on the rise, the expectations from farmers to grow about 70% more food continues to remain front line. Leading the discussion around Taranis’ AcreForward technology is Mike DiPaola, Chief Commercial Officer. 

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Drones Provide Valuable ROI in the Field

From wet-weather spraying to timely scouting, drones are not only proving their efficacy but paving a path for rural entrepreneurship and the next generation on the farm.

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How Technology Is Transforming the Farming Workforce and Why It Matters During a Global Pandemic

Like virtually every sector of the global economy,  the agricultural sector finds itself battered by the global coronavirus pandemic, made especially acute by labor shortages triggered by the crisis amid the critical emergence season.

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