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AI + Drones = Scalable Scouting + Profitability

April 30, 2024
As seen in CropLife

With an eye in the sky so powerful defoliation can be matched to the insect that caused it, Taranis’ AI-powered crop intelligence doesn’t just deliver data—the tool delivers insights, information, and, ultimately, action plans. Taranis’ value propositions have been nearly limitless, with operations finding ROI in having insights at their fingertips for accelerated decision-making.

“Taranis is a solution for a problem that farmers will have as long as crops are grown,” says Taranis’ Vice President of Sales and Strategic Accounts, Scott Trbovich. “In the past, it has been impossible to know what is happening on every acre. Taranis changes that. Our solution has a dual-prong approach: validation, efficiency and product placement for the retailer combined with collaboration with the farmer to maximize resources and ROI on every acre we enroll. Our high-resolution imagery and insights tell you—with accuracy—what is happening on every acre. Decision-making has never been so informed.”

Taranis AI leverages more than 500 million data points to not only detect but also identify yield-robbing circumstances that arise on every acre of every field flown.

Scouting with Drones

Taranis uses enterprise drones to capture high-resolution images on millions of acres. “It just makes sense,” Trbovich shares. 

“We work directly with retailers to cover every acre with precision insights that allow them to see which adjustments boost their growers’ bottom line. We can cover thousands of acres daily with a drone and our proprietary AI, and produce tangible information,” he says. “Every aspect of agriculture is driven by efficiency—scouting and crop intelligence shouldn’t be any different.”  

An Addition to the Ag Retail Team

Taranis is an extension of the retail team, not a replacement. The insights create a priority checklist for agronomists that saves fuel, miles on a pickup, manhours, and most importantly, time during the most critical phases of the growing season.

“It’s not uncommon for agronomists to cover 70,000 acres or more.  With traditional scouting, you are only getting to put boots on the ground on a very small percentage of those acres,” says Trbovich. “Using Taranis, the dashboard helps you know which fields need attention and where to prioritize your time. You can literally scout thousands of acres before you’ve finished your morning coffee. The agronomist can drive to the field, walk to the pinpointed area, validate exactly what’s going on, and formulate a plan of action. All of this happens before additional acres are compromised.”

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