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Listen as we go in-depth into the issues affecting crop advisors, growers, and farm communities as we examine the future of farming.

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Indiana grower and precision ag skeptic, who shares his honest experience using Taranis AcreForward Intelligence for the very first time.

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Take Five with the Taranis Team: Bryan McMurtrie

Get to know a little more about our own Bryan McMurtrie in this week’s Take 5 spotlight. Bryan shares what his “ah-ha” moment was that helped him take the step from ag retail to Taranis and how he sees Taranis changing the lives of countless retail agronomists.

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June 11, 2024

Taranis Welcomes Jason Minton as Chief Commercial Officer

Taranis, the global leader in AI-powered crop intelligence, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jason Minton as its Chief Commercial Officer. With a distinguished career in the agriculture industry, Minton brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of driving business growth, championing customer experience and fostering innovation.

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grain market today

Commodity Prices Low? Technology Shouldn’t be the First to Go—Here’s Why.

Cutting your technology spend when commodity prices are low may be a nail in the coffin for your crop’s yield potential and a forfeiture of the opportunity to save input costs with dialed-in, precise application.

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